Limbaugh Hammers FBI Director Wray for Claim of No Political Bias — 'That’s a Semantic Word Game'

Friday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray for his reaction to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report. Limbaugh noted Wray interpreted the report as saying the FBI had no “political bias,” which Limbaugh said was a semantic word game. He added that Wray’s pledge for more training contradicted that notion because if there were not political bias, there would be no need for training. Partial transcript as follows (courtesy of LIMBAUGH: Grab sound bite 3 — and then, of course, the sound bites that will follow it, sound bites No. 4 and 5. I made a prediction yesterday that the media would go on offense and try to mischaracterize this report, and they did. And you know how they did it? If you read the executive summary of the inspector general report, and if that’s all you read, you’re not gonna know anything. You’re gonna think that this is a big pile of nothing. It’s stunning! You read the details of the report (chuckling), and you are prepared zero by reading the executive summary. There’s something really odd about this, because the executive summary does not summarize the real

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