Embattled GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder is suggesting he will fix the catch-and-release language which he inserted into the 2019 appropriations bill — but he is not offering any details or offering to fix several other cheap-labor provisions which he added to the spending bill. “Should the bill come to the House floor for consideration, we plan to offer a manager’s amendment to address the asylum language,” said an August 2 statement to Breitbart News from Yoder’s office. The vague offer from the Kansas Representative was dismissed by Jessica Vaughan, policy director of the Center for Immigration Studies: The asylum provision is not the only problem with the spending bill that Yoder put together. It sounds like he’s trying to figure out where the line in the sand is … to address the minimum number of concerns needed to get the bill over the finishing line. Nearly all of the 30 GOP members of the House Appropriations Committee are backing Yoder’s catch-and-release plan, chiefly by allowing a voice vote of the catch-and-release amendment. The only opposition came from Rep. John Carter, a Texas Republican who was chairman of Yoder’s DHS appropriations subcommittee in 2017. Advocates for immigration-reform are concerned that GOP leaders will are backing Yoder’s

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