Timeline of Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network targeting the Niece of Felix Pantaleon. (Who is not a Sandy Hook Truther) Knowing he was out of the country for 2 weeks with limited internet. Honr Network have been gangstalking Felix Pantaleon & his Family because Felix Pantaleon host documentation of Lenny Pozner’s crimes online. That he wants removed, because he wants to sue the city of Newtown for 10 million dollars.

Sock account “Arie Fique” post several meme’s of an 11 year old girl and her 8 year old brother. http://archive.is/0dQyS

“Arie Fique” owns http://sandyhooktruth.com

“Arie Fique” is apart of Honr Network


Lenny Pozner affiliation with sock account “Arie Fique” right after posting images of a 11 year old girl and her brother.
Way Back Link For Proof

Uncle Felix Pantaleon was away on vacation with limited internet, when Lenny Pozner’s Honr Network targeted his niece and nephew.




After the sick display, “Doug Maguire” of Honr Network, runs damage control. After Felix Pantaleon and his family said they were going to contact CPS and Law Enforcement. Claimed Felix Pantaleon was “Arie Fique” and makes sick videos remixing an audio of Felix Pantaleon.

Here is the mirrored video that Doug uploaded, now hosted on “Funnyordie” page of Mentally ill Man Doug Maguire.


Doug Maguire is also apart of “Honr Network” private facebook page. Where they coax and plan gangstalking of individuals. Honr Network, another liberal platform. Is no different than the actions Antifa partake in.


Notice the dates of the spamming of mother Leonard Pozner/Lenny Pozner is Slandering on http://www.honr.com/boca-raton-florida-police-department/

Lenny and his crew of gangstalkers started to cyberstalk and harass the Woman way before CPS and Police reports were filed.

He was hosting meme images of a 11 year old girl on his server seen on over 50 slander domains he owns.

After CPS reports were filed, he then spammed the woman again via the following links.

Exactly April 18th, 2017 Lenny spammed new links of the Woman




Lenny Pozner also lied in a police report he posted online about his confrontation with The Woman.
In a recent NYDAILYNEWS article, Lenny Pozner claims he was the victim. And slandered detective John Turek of Boca Raton Police Department. When he was just doing his job, shame on Nancy Dillon. The author who published the lying article, with intention of ruining more lives. We have warned numerous times on this website that. Lenny Pozner doesn’t care who he cons to write articles for him. Even if he has to burn bridges with them and have them sued by the individuals they got tricked to slander.

This is not the only time, Honr has targeted minors.

They targeted “Tiffany Moser’s” son of California. A person Lenny stalked and harassed relentlessly aswell.

Timeline of Lenny Pozner & Honr Network harassment towards Felix Pantaleon, his friends and Family.