Namecheap is allowing the cloning and phishing of prominent sports site by Spoofed clone site on their servers. The fake website is owned by Child Predator Douglas Anthony Maguire of California.

Doug Maguire Was Arrested in 2016 for stalking a child at her school


Doug’s excuse he uses as a cover is that people “harass” a Sandy Hook parent. What most people don’t know is, his same friend almost got arrested for stalking a 11 year old girl online.

Numerous complaints have been sent to Namecheap and have gone ignored. Do not do business with them, they seem not to care for their reputation. They allow slander, harassment and phishing.

Who is Doug Maguire?

Slander website was purchased by “Len Pozner” and is being ran by Mentally Ill Schizophrenic “Douglas Anthony Maguire” out of the state of California. Doug Maguire was arrested in 2016, for stalking a mans Daughter outside of her school. Doug Maguire took photos of her school and text msg’d it to the Father. Which he was harassing and stalking at the time. Fast forward to March 2017, Doug Maguire does the same to a Florida family. Which almost got the owner of Lenny Pozner Arrested. They hosted memes of a 11 year old girl on over 30 slander domains “Len Pozner” owned.

All these crimes were committed towards families who were not Sandy Hook Truthers. Nor have any idea about “Truther” related content.

Here are Doug Maguire’s unhinged death threats