Delusional opportunist Lenny Pozner, claims Felix Pantaleon is a Hoaxer in this link

Felix Pantaleon has never been a Sandy Hook Truther

Felix Pantaleon owned “” (Truthers Against Sandy Hook Truthers)

Way back link of the website

Felix Pantaleon has produced documentaries exposing Sandy Hook Truthers

Delusional Crybaby stalker, is mad Felix Pantaleon told him to quit trolling on the web.

Lenny believes he can stalk you till kingdom come and if you reply back to him. You are a “Sandy Hook Hoaxer.” He will cry and make stuff up to Law Enforcement if he cannot take down documentation of his mental illness online.

He is the only Sandy Hook Parent that trolls online.

Lenny does not like free speech, he thinks he “owns” people on the web. He thinks he has some sort of free pass to harass, slander and expect nobody to reply back to him.

FACT: Felix Pantaleon is not a Sandy Hook Truther, he just doesn’t like Honr Network.