Police in Brussels claim to have opened fire on a car in the Belgian capital after giving chase in the migrant-heavy suburb of Molenbeek and the arrested driver told officers he had explosives in the vehicle. Update 14:48 EST: Police now say no explosives were found in the vehicle and that the man driving the car was not found to be armed either. They say he is “mentally unstable” but have still not identified the man. UPDATE: Belgian police say no explosives found in Molenbeek vehicle incident, suspect “mentally unstable” and unarmed — Lisa Daftari (@LisaDaftari) August 8, 2017 Police said that the officers opened fire on the vehicle in the early evening on Tuesday after the driver attempted to drive backwards into a police car in order to escape being trapped in traffic, Belgian broadcaster RTL reports. The vehicle, identified as having originally come from Germany, had run a red light in the city which was the cause of the initial chase. A police spokesman told the Belgian broadcaster, “we got the driver out, and he immediately told us that there were explosives inside.” Police have since cordoned off the entire areas around the vehicle forcing at least 400 bystanders to remain

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