Writers like Reeves Wierderman (NYMAG) and Jorge Milian (Palm Beach Post) are gaslighting the criminal behavior of Lenny Pozner online. Writers like these are fueling Pozner to continue his relentless gangstalking and criminal behavior. I recently wrote an article about how Doug Maguire (Honr Volunteer) issued death threats towards individuals Lenny Pozner is stalking. Including myself, these News publications that don’t do their proper vetting and claim Lenny is a victim. Are just waiting to get sued, once Lenny tricks one of them into mentioning someone’s name Lenny is stalking online. Just recently, Leonard Pozner, tricked a man on fiverr to make a slanderous video about me. Claiming that I was a pedophile and more heinous ridiculous things. If Leonard is targeting a person like myself, who is NOT a Sandy Hook Truther. And has helped Sandy Hook Families, then there’s no limits to what Lenny can do. New’s outlets have given Lenny, the excuse to continuously cyber stalk innocent Woman, Children and Family members of his victims. (Without the knowledge of The Writers of These News Publications.) It’s easy for Lenny to look like he’s been victimized, but the sad truth is. Lenny is a troll with some sort of PTSD, which doesn’t let him get over his psychological trauma of losing a young son. This fuels him everyday to get up and to mess with random people. Lenny owns about over 50 web domains, where he has mentally ill man Doug Admin them. Where he slanders, libels and creates fictitious articles about the people Lenny want’s to harass. He is the ONLY Sandy Hook Parent who behaves in such a manner.

You have to ask yourself, how is Leonard a free man? It’s simple, his ace of spades. Being a father of a victim from Sandy Hook & having news articles participate unknowingly gaslighting his criminal activity online.

Lenny Pozner owns Cybertrolls.info and other domains used to Slander and Harass Individuals

Lenny Pozner

Direct link as evidence http://archive.is/cR5wu

Doug Admits to being used as a Patsy by Pozner


Doug Maguire Admits To Running Slander Websites Owned By Lenny Pozner

Doug Maguire Death Threats The Owner of This Website and 3 other Men

This article is being created to alert News Outlet’s of Lenny Pozner’s criminal activity online. The other side of Leonard Pozner that they DO NOT see. If new’s publications want to risk getting sued, after reading this article. Then they were warned in advance and somebody’s payday will be that much higher.

My field is tracking down Cyber Trolls and alerting Law Enforcement of their criminal activities. I have helped Law Enforcement track down many cyber criminals and in real life Criminals. The man featured in one of my recent documentary’s “The Story of Breana Greathouse & The Man Who Drove Her To Suicide (Documentary)Is now serving a 2 year jail sentence. My other work, was helping Law Enforcement track down a young man who played the knock out game which made Worldwide News. Lenny Pozner is one of the nastiest Trolls I have ever encountered on the web. He is what we call in this field of work a, “Suicide Troll.” Stalking his victims and hoping they kill themselves.

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