Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson made the case that government should regulate Google like a public utility. Carlson made those remarks regarding Google’s dismissal of James Damore, a software engineer that authored a memo laying out his views on the political culture at his company. Transcript as follows: Two weeks ago a software engineer called James Damore wrote a memo assessing the political culture at Google where he then worked. At Google, Damore wrote, we talk so much about unconscious bias as it applies to race and gender but we rarely discuss our moral biases. Considering that the overwhelming majority of social sciences, media and Google lean left, we should critically examine these prejudices. Well, over 10 pages, Damore examined those prejudices in some detail. Notable among them is the belief that for women, bigotry is the main impediment to professional advancement. There were fewer female engineers than male engineers liberals believe because men are biased against women. Now Damore suspected that was not the entire story. Quote, “We need to stop assuming that gender gaps imply sexism,” he wrote. On average, men and women biologically differ in many ways. These differences aren’t just socially constructed. Now, Damore is a former

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