Thursday on CNN’s “Wolf,” former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s commentary on the changing demographics in America were “ignorant.” Scaramucci said, “You know, I’m super not not happy with that. I like her as a person, but if you remember Father Coughlin the 1930s, my grandparents certainly remember him, it’s the same rhetoric. It’s the same sentence structure. It’s the same level of xenophobia that my immigrant grandparents faced as Italian-Americans 70, 80 short years ago. I’m not in love with it. I love the concept of America, the great of experiment of our great republic. We really are as Lincoln said, the last best hope for mankind. We have our diversity. We get our strength from that diversity. One last point, Lee Kuan Yew once said about America, we have such a competitive advantage around the world because you can come to the United States as a Chinese or a German and become a German-American or a Chinese-American, but that’s not true going to those other countries. So that’s a huge competitive advantage that we have versus the rest of the world in terms of the intellectual capital.” He continued, “I really wish

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