United Airlines reportedly issued an apology and a $500 voucher to passenger Jean-Marie Simon, who claimed that the airline gave Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) her seat in first class, but the passenger denied receiving an apology.
Over Christmas weekend a story broke of a woman who claimed to have had her first class airline seat taken from her only to see it given to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. By the day after Christmas, the pressure must have been too heavy for Lee to bear because she went on a tweet storm pointing fingers in all directions. The story broke on Sunday, Dec. 24, with 63-year-old Jean-Marie Simon, a D.C. schoolteacher and attorney, alleging that United Airlines summarily removed her from her pre-paid, first class seat on a flight between Houston, Texas, and Washington DC. But, when she boarded the Dec. 18 flight, Simon said she discovered that the seat had been given away to Rep. Lee, a Texas Democrat. Claims raged back and forth between Lee, the airline, and Simon with the airline insisting Simon initially tried to cancel her flight — thereby leaving the seat open — and then claiming it apologized to her. For her part, Simon denied both of the airline’s claims. United 2 NBC:” We were concerned…found that upon receiving notification that 788 delayed due 2 weather, customer canceled from Houston= DC with… mobile app. As part of re-board. gate agents clearing

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