Lenny Pozner aka Leonard Pozner of Honr Network, a Sandy Hook Cyber Stalking Platform. Has a mentally handicapped man by the name Michael Flagg of Kernersville, North Carolina doing his dirty work online.

Michael Flagg, Kernersville, NC

Mentally Disabled Man Michael Flagg, Who is being used as a Cyber Troll

Michael Flagg is being used to cyber stalk and harass naysayers of Cyber Terrorist Group “Honr.” Owned and ran by Scammer Leonard Pozner.

Since Lenny Pozner had a son die at Sandy Hook. He has a mentally handicapped man harass people for him as cover. What Lenny does is, he obtains Domain names of his victims, has it hosted on his servers and has Michael Flagg admin them.

Sites like “Hoaxer.info” anyone who disagrees with Lenny’s Cyber Terrorism is labeled a “Hoaxer.” Even if they’re not Sandy Hook Truthers, like Felix Pantaleon. An activist Michael Flagg is libeling and slandering online. A person who has helped the families of Sandy Hook, being targeted because Felix Pantaleon exposed Lenny’s cyber terrorism and criminal activity online.

Fake Spoof Website “Hoaxer.info”

From Fake Spoof Website “SocialMediasMostWanted.com”

From Fake Spoof Website “Cybertrolls.info”

Mentally Ill Cyber Stalker Michael Flagg likes to frame people as “Pedophiles” online as a way to troll them.

Michael Flagg defending the actions of cyber Terrorist Tiffany Ann Moser of Yorba Linda, CA

Michael Flagg is also good friends with deranged cyber terrorist Tiffany Moser. Who was a hardcore Sandy Hook Truther. Visit the following link to see crimes committed by Tiffany Moser. http://caliberhitting.com/crazed-sandy-hook-truther-tiffany-a-moser-of-yorba-linda-ca-is-dangerous



Here is the saved link of Michael Flagg framing Felix Pantaleon as a pedophile.


Click for Live Links of Michael Flaggs Cyber Terrorism


Real Time Cyber Harassment by Michael Flagg, live link saved http://web.archive.org/web/20160327135639/https://plus.google.com/115587234387998192958/posts/JLRdtw4pg21


Michael Flagg creates fake ripoffreports of people


Michael Flagg Harasses and Stalks Sister of Felix Pantaleon


Michael Flaggs Criminal Activity can be seen in this google+ community. “Truthers Are Stupid.” https://plus.google.com/communities/109914236775321838518

We reached out to 29 yr old Michael Flagg’s parents which where he still lives with. We notified them of Michael’s cyber terrorism online and it went completely ignored. His parents seem to gaslight his harassment of people online. And they are as much responsible as he is, as Michael is mentally handicapped. Their names are Ira Flagg and Susan Herscher Flagg.

The following information can be obtained for free online and is public information.

Michael Jay Flagg