Lenny Pozner and his crew of child predators are at it again. They are well known for exploiting minors online.

Leonard Pozner/Eliezer Pozner of Florida recently exploited (on websites he hosted) The Niece of a victim they’re stalking. CPS and Boca Raton PD were contacted

This is not The only time, Lenny and crew exploited a child.

They targeted “Tiffany Moser’s” son of Yorba Linda California. A person Lenny stalked and harassed relentlessly aswell.

Way Back Link for Proof http://archive.is/0dQyS

Lenny Pozner isn’t shy to make it be known that his honr network have child predators in it. Check out his affiliation with his sock account “Arie Fique” after the fact. He exploited children on that account.
Way Back Link For Proof

Calls uncle “Banana head Failix.”


She was then spammed on over 30 slander domains Lenny owned

Sandy Hook Father Host Meme’s of 11 year Old Hispanic Girl, Then Blames Mother & Boca Raton Police Department

“Sock Account Arie Fique” shows his distaste for Dominicans


Exploits more hispanic children on that account




“Arie Fique” owns http://sandyhooktruth.com

“Arie Fique” is apart of Honr Network