Lenny is currently trying to con and trick writers into framing Felix Pantaleon as a “Sandy Hook Truther.” When everybody knows that, Felix Pantaleon is not. Felix Pantaleon met Lenny Pozner as one of the lone voices in The Truther Movement, taking a stance against Sandy Hook Truthers.

Timeline, Felix Pantaleon owned “TASHT.org” (Truthers Against Sandy Hook Truthers)

Way back link of the website https://web.archive.org/web/20151226232214/http://tasht.org:80/

Felix Pantaleon has produced documentaries exposing Sandy Hook Truthers


Meta Data for proof of release, original documentary was flagged by Lenny Pozner off fictitious copyright claims. Which can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8x_roOlQNQ

More articles by Felix Pantaleon exposing Sandy Hook Truthers






FACT, Lenny Pozner is the only Sandy Hook Parent Whining About Felix Pantaleon

FACT, Lenny Pozner is stalking Felix Pantaleon because Lenny use to or still owns a name reputation company called “Traxware.” And not being able to remove documentation of his crimes that Felix Pantaleon has documented gives him a black eye.

FACT, Lenny Pozner is trying to intimidate and harass Felix Pantaleon, his family and friends to have documentation removed.

FACT, Lenny Pozner wants to sue the city of Newtown CT for 10 million dollars and wants documentation of his naughty deeds removed.

Lenny is trying to have fake articles written about Felix Pantaleon. Because he keeps filing fake police reports on Felix Pantaleon and falls on deaf ears.

Copy of email response Felix Pantaleon is sending to “Writers” Lenny is trying to con for Media Inquiries

As of 1 year personally I have had no interaction with Lenny Pozner, he tries to interact with me if that’s what you’re looking for. I use to run a website called Truthers Against Sandy Hook Truthers. TASHT.org Here is a way back link of it https://web.archive.org/web/20151226232214/http://tasht.org:80/ I use to help him out with Hoaxers, until one day he joined a Cyber Terrorist community on google+ and I told him he shouldn’t be apart of it. Ever since then the man has been targeting me and harassing me. He got that same cyber terrorist group to go after me. I documented all of the crimes he, that community and Honr Network have committed towards me and my family. Since Lenny owned or still owns a name reputation website. “Traxware” he has done everything to try and have that evidence removed. Because it’s bad for his business, that he can’t take stuff down about himself.

Before my problems with Lenny, I got slandered and harassed more by Sandy Hook Truthers than Lenny had been. Here are videos of examples you can see.

Debunking Sandy Hook Disinfo Channel Barry Soetoro, David Wheeler IS NOT Bill Aldenberg!

FBI Investigating Sandy Hook Truthers Who Are Slandering David Wheeler & FBI Agent Aldenberg

Sandy Hook Truthers Still Think David Wheeler is FBI Agent Aldenberg

David Wheeler Playing FBI Officially DEBUNKED, REAL FBI Agent FOUND

I have also produced movies exposing Sandy Hook Truthers

Now if you’re contacting me to write a hit piece of me, I’m telling you right now. I am not a Sandy Hook Truther, that is Lenny’s way of trolling me. Me and my family have hired a Lawyer because of his harassment. If you’re trying to attach my name with being a Sandy Hook Hoaxer, please know that you will be slandering me. And I will have lawyers on standby if that’s the case. Lenny’s beef has nothing to do with Sandy Hook. It has to do with past instances between me and trolls that he has volunteering for his Honr Network.

Here is documentation of Lenny’s ongoing harassment towards me
http://caliberhitting.com/lenny-pozner-frames-fiverr-user-into-making-slanderous-video/ hired a guy to make a video about me then says he was a victim of mine.
Here is a website that he owns where he claims I sexually assaulted a minor


Now like I said, I do believe Sandy Hook happened. I was one of the original lone voices in the truther community always preaching it. It’s unfortunate that Lenny has taken the life as a “Troll.” Literally, you can see his about section on his google+ https://plus.google.com/+LenPozner Just hit “about” Like I said, Lenny’s whole beef with me is. He thought he could boss me around and thought me telling him to stop being a troll was an insult. I literally told him that, I said his trolling does nothing for The Victims of Sandy Hook & Their Families. It just makes it worse, going after “Hoaxers” just makes it worse. They are ‘Truthers’ to begin with because they don’t like authority. If anything, the actions of Lenny Pozner have increased hoaxer activity. And BTW I was a volunteer for Honr Network, it serves no purpose but to go after enemies of Lenny Pozner. It does not Help the families of Sandy Hook, or any other events that people call “Hoaxes.” And if you would ask me, if I could be friends with Lenny again. I would say no, because the first time I settled things with him. He backstabbed me again and he has also targeted my father because we have the same name. My father is waiting for a heart transplant and his network of trolls has filed numerous false police reports to his residence. Their goal is to someday get me “Swatted.” It’s all a game for them, I wish I could take down the documentation of Lenny. But I can’t he has shown me numerous times that he cannot be trusted.
All the rest of The Sandy Hook parents are cool 🙂 I’ve laid my neck on the line for them and I have for Lenny as well. Sucks Lenny has to deal with trolls, but like I said. I think people should show him tough love and tell him to stop “feeding the trolls.” If people believe things are hoaxes, they have that right under our constitution to think so. If people would let those nuts be and talk to themselves. It wouldn’t be a problem, if they’re in the wrong. Obviously sane people running into it will make up their own minds about em.
Also if Lenny claims I’m harassing him, I’m not. I’m just not the type to bullied, I also have proof I have him blocked on FB. Like I said, he owned or owns a company called traxware. That’s his thing, I told him to get a court order if he doesn’t like documentation of what he has written or created himself.
BTW here is the new cyber terrorist community he is apart of
https://plus.google.com/101119970525037475194/posts/79anJ9gRf1M There goes another one of his minions saying I’m apart of “Pizzagate”
Here is the direct link to their community
Also here’s the link of the mentally ill man “Doug Maguire” Lenny has admining his slander sites for him
Check out the gems where he photoshops my father into heart memes. Because I told Lenny my father is waiting for a heart transplant. Thinks he can get me to rage, well I’m teflon. 😉 Don’t fall for Lenny’s “Oh that’s just a hoaxer impersonating him” because that is 100% False and I have the police reports to prove it, with Lenny admitting to it to a detective on record on a police report.
Take it easy, have a nice day
As documented on this website, we believe Lenny has some sort of PTSD from losing a young son. He has taken the life of a troll and he’s proud of admitting it.



Facebook messages between Lenny Pozner and Felix Pantaleon released. For protection, all raw data. Nothing edited

Click the following link to view http://caliberhitting.com/10208953690669464.html

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