Sandy Hook Cyber Terrorist Leonard Pozner is up to his old tricks again. This time framing Felix Pantaleon, while duping an innocent seller on fiverr.

Lenny claims Felix Pantaleon made fake porn of him, but that was his good cyber terrorist friend Tiffany Moser along with “Jeff Dryden” that did. Way before Tiffany and Lenny became friends, proven by SMS text msgs. What Leonard forgets to mention is, along with Forrest Coutney Jamison (Who is now serving a 2 year jail sentence) framed Felix Pantaleon as a Pedophile. Before those allegations of Lenny appeared. Lenny likes to dish it out, but can’t handle what comes back to him.

Here someone leaves a comment on the video Lenny duped a man into making. And say’s he was a victim of Felix Pantaleon, unknowingly to the man that Lenny was making comments like these.

Lenny uploaded the video to his youtube and shared it on many platforms.

Notice how Lenny claims Felix Pantaleon harasses Sandy Hook Families. When the complete opposite is true, Felix Pantaleon has helped many Sandy Hook Families. Lenny just doesn’t like it, someone is telling a Sandy Hook parent that being a troll is unacceptable.

Notice he tells the innocent man that he can upload it on his own channel, in which he did and removed after being told he was trolled by Lenny.

If you have been a victim of Leonard Pozner and his silly nonstop criminal activity. Contact his local PD, Boca Raton PD