Like Lenny Pozner, owner of Honr Network. Keith Johnson is now extending his cyber terrorism and stalking people who are NOT Sandy Hook Truthers. And people helping The Families of Sandy Hook.

Keith Aaron Johnson of Lexington, TN is attempting to Slander The owner of Felix Pantaleon off of fictitious claims. Based on what Lenny Pozner is doing online which can be seen here Lenny Pozner of Honr Network is Suffering From Prolonged Grief Disorder & Has Become a Cyber Terrorist. He Cannot Continue to Represent The Families of Sandy Hook Online

Here is Keith Johnson saying he filed Fake Reports on Felix Pantaleon, dated March 11th, 2016 Felix Pantaleon never had contact with Keith Johnson on those dates. Felix Pantaleon was in South Beach vacationing, this document is fictitious. In an attempt to silence the owner of as a scare tactic.

Way back record for evidence

Felix Pantaleon in Florida

It was this day March 18th, 2016 that Keith Johnson decided he was going to start harassing Felix Pantaleon and his family.

Here is Keith Johnson on his google+ gangstalking community declaring he is going to start to harass Felix Pantaleon of New York City.

Here is Keith Johnson starting his Cyber Harassment on some other man. Keith likes to play victim, like his good cyber terrorist buddy Lenny Pozner.

Keith Johnson is an Anti-Semite who believes Israel was Behind The 9/11 Attacks and Sandy Hook Attacks.
Keith belongs to a gangstalking community on google+ that has Child Predators like Forrest Courtney Jamison in it. The Story of Breana Greathouse & The Man Who Drove Her To Suicide (Documentary) – Part 1

Keith Johnson Obtained that reroutes users to free blogspots framing Felix Pantaleon as a pedophile.

Here is the saved link of Keith Johnson framing Felix Pantaleon as a pedophile

Keith Johnson owns “” and attempted to frame Felix Pantaleon as a Pedophile to get him killed.

More In real life harassment of Keith Johnson towards Felix Pantaleon, (illegal.)

Lenny Ponzer and Keith Johnson attempt to frame Felix Pantaleon

Owner of Honr Network Lenny Pozner Admits to putting a Bounty on another man