Bill Hicks is recruited by Ted Turner, fakes his death in 1994. Ted Turner signs the biggest name in pro wrestling and a house hold name Hulk Hogan Months Later. In 1996 Stratfor is started, in 1996 The NWO Wrestling Stable is Created and in 1996 Bill Hicks reemerges as Alex Jones. 2001 WCW is sold before 9/11, the story. The NWO storyline was created so people could type in NWO and end up on Alex Jones videos. Nostalgia, one of the biggest psyops of our time. Continued by Jessse Venturas (Another Wrestler) Show Conspiracy Theory, same concept. And on Turner Broadcasting.

ted turner, alex jones, infowars
Ted Turner, Infowars Mastermind

Researcher, Documentary Film Maker and Political Activist Felix Pantaleon discovered that, Ted Turner is The Man responsible for creating The Truth Movement as you know it today.

ted turner, alex jones, infowars
ted turner, alex jones, infowars
ted turner, alex jones, infowars
As you can see above, they used the typical dualism of Blue vs Red

Ted Turner is a Master Marketer, THE KING of All Media. Get this, Ted Turner Created a number of platforms to spread his Propaganda. Cable TV (Time Warner) CNN, Internet, Infowars. Ted Turner even used Wrestling (WCW) as a form of spreading The Phrase, New World Order. Now to tell you all how it came about, read.

ted turner, alex jones, infowars
Bill Hicks Pictured Above, Now Goes By The Name Alex Jones. A Creation of Ted Turner

Look at my previous Article River Phoenix, Bill Hicks, Brandon Lee, Jonathan Brandis, All faked Their Deaths To get an understanding of how they’re using Actors who have faked their deaths.

Alex Jones Caught Hiring Employees from Socialist Front Stratfor

Alex Jones And STRATFOR Linked To The Assassination Of Andrew Breitbart

alex jones, ted turner
Now For The Fun Part, The Truth Movement is a Creation of Time Warner

alex jones, bill hicks, ted turner
In 1994. Bill Hicks Fakes his Death

alex jones, infowars, ted turner
Later that Same Year 1994, Ted Turner Signs Hulk Hogan to a WCW Contract

alex jones, ted turner, infowars
Two Years Later in 1996, Ted Turner & WCW Create The Wrestling Stable “New World Order”.

alex jones, ted turner, infowars
In that same year Stratfor was created, take note as you scroll down

alex jones, infowars, ted turner
In that same very year 1996, Bill Hicks Reemerges as Alex Jones & Infowars is Launched

Infowars is a creation of Time Warner & Ted Turner

alex jones, infowars, time warner
Not only is Infowars Servers Hosted On Time Warner, Their IP Points to Ted Turner HQ’s Atlanta, GA

alex jones, infowars, ted turner
That Same Year in 1996, Wrestler Sting Transform into Sting 2.0 The Crow Gimmick

ted turner, infowars, alex jones
In 1996, Sting Mask Are Created and Go On Sale for Fans (A psyop for the future).

The Character Sting was created to combat the evil NWO, coming down from The Rafters and Taking on The New World Order.

ted turner, infowars, alex jones
Fast Forward To Present Time, The Guy Fawkes Mask

Now what do we have here? The Guy Fawkes Mask, Heroes up Against The New World Order! And Guess who owns the rights to distribute these mask? You Guess it! Time Warner!

Here’s How Those Masks Make It From Factories To Protesters Around The World

An interesting note is that Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the image and is paid a licensing fee with the sale of each mask.

More Evidence Showing Infowars is a Ted Turner Front

For a more in depth look into The Creation of Infowars, This is a Must See!