It was 2012, not many knew about Alex Jones being Bill Hicks. If they did, videos on youtube would get bombarded with slanted ratings. All being negative and the users video would not show much proof. In my opinion, it was purposely designed this way. That all changed when Felix Pantaleon’s “Hollywood Death Fakers” conspiracy was born. You see, Felix Pantaleon has been around the “Truther” movement for quite sometime now. Since 2002 (17 yrs old) when he was awaken by The Illegal Iraq war & 9/11. Diving into and watching films by you guessed it, Alex Jones. The year was 2012, Mollygate happened. Felix Pantaleon, who was friends with Sherrie Lea Laird. Saw a video which she posted, about the fact that Alex Jones was hiring employees from Data mining front Stratfor. Felix Pantaleon soon posted the information to forums like “Prisonplanet” owned by Alex Jones/Paul Watson. Asking simple questions about how there were stratfor connections being made before all of this. And now, it had come out Alex Jones was hiring former employees of Stratfor. A long time member of the prisonplanet forums, Felix Pantaleon was banned not only from there but every infowars platform you could think of. Literally a person who backed Alex Jones for over 10 years, just poof removed just like that. Then the beast was born, Felix Pantaleon started to see the light about Alex Jones. Felix’s friend Sherrie started to tell him that Alex Jones was really Bill Hicks. At first, Felix thought it was a crackpot theory. But decided to look into it anyways, Felix made connections that nobody had ever made before. Hours and days of research, finding the only pictures of Bill Hicks Teeth to Match with Present day “Alex Jones.” The same limp, same mole, face lift scars, you name it. Felix had exposed Alex Jones as Bill Hicks to hell and back. Being around infowars circles for so long, Felix started to connect the pieces. What made Alex Jones so special? To be the only lone Death Faker, there had to be more. All of these death fakers had one thing in common. They all promoted each other, this made them easy to spot.

And there was more, River Phoenix, Brandon Lee, Jim Morrison.

River Pheonix now being Mark Dice

Brandon Lee now being Christopher Greene

Jim Morrison now being Rush Limbaugh

All doing the same kind of job, being conservative radio host or media analyst.

Fast forward today, many websites and blogs have picked up on Felix Pantaleon’s Hollywood Death Fakers theory. Sites like The New Yorker Magazine and to name a few.

Whatever you’ve heard and read on blogs trying to debunk this theory. People have failed to debunk anything and can’t come to the realization that their favorite actors, musicians or comedians fake their deaths. The River Phoenix is Not Mark Dice tumblr blogs give Felix Pantaleon the biggest chuckles.

How big is this theory? More people have caught on and have confronted these death fakers personally about it.

Felix Pantaleon has produced recent documentaries tying these Death Fakers to The Central Intelligence Agency.

Whatever these guys are trying to pull, Felix Pantaleon believes who they are today is not an act. They actually believe in what they’re doing and saying.