Here is a list of mirrored content created by mentally ill cyber trolls, Forrest Courtney Jamison or Ottumwa Iowa, Leonard Pozner/Lenny Pozner of Boca Raton Florida, Keith Johnson of Lexington Tennessee, Tiffany Moser of Yorba Linda California, Santino Freda of Salisbury Maryland & Michael Flagg of Kernersville North Carolina. Smearing and slandering The name of Felix Pantaleon JR of New York City.

Forrest Courtney Jamison Admits to making fake Ripoffreports of Felix Pantaleon

Sandy Hook Parent Lenny Pozner Framing People As Pedos

Forrest Jamison Impersonates Felix Pantaleon And Harrasses Woman

lennyripoffLenny Pozner & Michael Flagg create fake ripoffreports of Felix Pantaleon

Santino Freda & Tiffany Moser Impersonation & Libel

Impersonation of Felix Pantaleon to Harass others online

Death Threats sent to my email

Fake craigslist Ads

For more crimes Lenny Pozner of Boca Raton has committed against Felix Pantaleon. Fake websites like “Predatorswatch” and more fake fictitious websites slandering Felix Pantaleon. View the following article in it’s entirety bellow.

Felix Pantaleon Stalked by Lenny Pozner/Leonard Pozner/Len Pozner, Harassment, Fake DMCA’s, Libel, Slander Documented.