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“This American Life” recently interviewed Douglas Anthony Maguire. Who currently has an active retraining order on him, by a family of a 7 year old girl (at the time) who was stalked by Doug at her school. (Can be seen here)

Here is Doug in his own words, doing the dirty work of another man. Who is exploiting his mental illness.

Doug Maguire is a self admitted schizophrenic who see’s “Demons” on the road when off his meds. And smashes his head into car windows.

Doug has made numerous death threats and is subject to a Documentary showcasing how individuals like himself are ignored until it’s too late.

Doug Maguire had a history of harassing Sandy Hook Parents, claiming their children were fake. And also made a rap song defaming the victims of the Boston Bombings.

All of Doug’s death threats can be seen here

Will “The American Life” denounce who they decided to give air time to?

this american life, npr

Here’s The Real Doug Maguire

Stalked Hispanic 11 year old Florida Girl in 2017, launched a police investigation.

Harasses innocent Hispanic man waiting for a heart transplant