On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Mother Jones Washington Bureau Chief David Corn stated that American allies are finding they can’t have “a reasonable, adult relationship” with the US, and President Trump is pushing away American allies while gravitating towards autocrats, behavior that is “rooted in his personality disorder.” Corn said, “[H]e seems to be so easily played, that if you treat him well, as Putin has done, and if you flatter him, the way North Korea seems to be doing, he’s on your side. He doesn’t care if you’re — about giving a photo op to this repressive state of North Korea, where they use mass starvation. I mean, he just doesn’t get — it’s all about how they respond to him. And they seem to get this.” He continued, “Now, our allies seem to take it for granted that you can have a reasonable, adult relationship with the president of the United States. Well, they’re learning that’s not the case. So, whether it’s Trudeau or Merkel, they’re all looking at the United States and saying, we actually want to work with you. We actually share values with you, democracy, economic trade, and all these other things, and you are spurning us,

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