Cyber Terrorist Lenny Pozner has recruited a mentally ill man by the name of “Douglas Maguire” out of the state of California. To break many laws pertaining to death threats, slander and harassment. Lenny has purchased over 50 domains and has hosted them on “Inmotion Hosting.” Victims of Lenny and Doug have filed many copyrights and have gone ignored by Inmotion Hosting. Images and content owned by The victims they’re harassing. They also accept Slander, Libel and Doxing on their webhosting.

Who is Doug? Let’s see who Inmotion Hosting is supporting

Yup that’s the man Inmotion Hosting is allowing to run rampant on their servers. Death threatening individuals, projected on the websites Inmotion Hosting is allowing him to post on.

Now let’s put Inmotion Hosting to shame and the content they’re allowing onto their servers.

Inmotion Hosting allows fake stories and copyrighted material to run rampant on slander site “”

Owned by Lenny Pozner and admin by Mentally Ill Man “Doug Maguire” who goes in and out of mental facilities.

Here’s another man Inmotion hosting is allowing to be slandered and have his whole family doxed on their servers. “” on a domain of a man they are also harassing.

It doesn’t stop there, Inmotion hosting also allowed revenge porn onto their servers.

Here are a few domains of SLANDER, DOXING & HARASSING sites hosted on inmotion hosting OWNED By Lenny Pozner & Admin by Doug Maguire.

BEWARE, inmotion hosting is going to be make someone extremely rich and possibly go out of business. For allowing their servers to be a safe haven for crazy individuals to abuse it’s webhosting. Inmotion hosting supports people wanting to contemplate suicide by getting harassed from content hosted on their servers. Cancel your inmotion subscription, DO NOT buy webhosting from them until they clean up their immature business practices! They are allowing over 50 people to be slandered by these individuals on their servers.