Zach Mottl, the owner of American manufacturing company Atlas Tool Works in Lyons, Illinois, is thanking President Trump for his recent tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. In an interview with Fox Business, Mottl praised Trump’s tariffs on foreign countries and their imported steel and aluminum, saying the economic nationalist approach to trade should have been implemented years ago to help American businesses and workers. Mottl said: Well, it will certainly be a better product and it should be made in the U.S. because its not that we’re not competitive, it’s that other countries are breaking the rules, breaking their promises and quite frankly cheating, and so the president, he’s taking a tough approach and I say: Thank you Mr. President for your ‘Enough is enough’ approach on trade. This is what we’ve needed. For 23 years we’ve seen other countries, we didn’t start a trade war, it’s been going on for a long time and we’re just finally engaging and trying to defend ourselves here. [Emphasis added] Mottl also crushed arguments often made by free traders that Trump’s tariffs will cause the price of goods to skyrocket, In terms of our prices going up, I don’t really believe that either. I think you’re

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