Thursday at a discussion with The Washington Post, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said President Donald Trump’s language and policy on immigration and refugees was “un-American and appalling.” Partial transcript as follows: DAVID IGNATIUS: Let me just ask you, as somebody who came to America not simply as an immigrant, but as a refugee fleeing war, chaos in Europe, what do you think when you hear President Trump use some of the language that he does about immigrants? MADELEINE ALBRIGHT: Well, I’m appalled, but let me just—something that my father used to say, when we were in England, he would say, people were very kind and they’d come up and say, ‘We’re so sorry your country has been taken over by a terrible dictator. You’re welcomed here, what can we do to help you and when are you going home?’ And when we came to the United States people would say, ‘We’re so sorry that your country was taken over by a terrible system, you are welcome here, what can we do to help you and when will you become a citizen?’ And my father said that is what made America different from every other country. For me when I

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